PAF releases defense day documentary highlighting nation’s courageous warriors

PAF Documentary

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has resurrected the nation’s courageous warriors’ memories of valour and courage in an exclusive series of short documentaries commemorating the 58th PAF Defence Day.

When the stage of the September 1965 war arrived, the brave men of the Pakistan Air Force created those brilliant stories of bravery, valour, and courage that our nation would always recount with pride, according to the PAF Directorate General Public Relations.

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The short documentary was based on the combats and determination of the Pakistan Air Force’s Shaheens on September 5, 1965.

The prologue narrated that on September 5 morning, Pakistan Army occupation of Jourian and invasion of Akhnoor started hinted towards a massive threat as India politically did not want to lose more territories in Kashmir.

It added that the Pakistan Army had occupied Chamb, Dewa Skrana and Jourian and conquered 300 square miles area of Kashmir.

It was clear that Indian Army was unable to resist Pakistan Army offensive launched in the area that increased the risk of war to break out on other fronts. Moreover, India Radio announced fake news that Delhi to receive heavy rainfall in the next 24 hours that was intended to propagate that India would not attack Pakistan due to the inclement weather. However, the PAF Met office at that time forecasted that there was no rainfall near Delhi. It was part of the Indian forces’ strategy to mislead the Pakistan Armed Forces.

After the Rann of Kutch operations, the PAF preparations were in the full swing, therefore, the PAF top leadership was completely satisfied with its soldiers’ preparations.

However, the PAF Met office predicted that there would be no rain near Delhi at the time. It was part of India’s strategy to mislead Pakistan’s Armed Forces.

Following the Rann of Kutch operations, the PAF’s preparations were in full swing, and the top leadership of the PAF was completely satisfied with its soldiers’ preparations.

However, the limited number and close proximity of PAF bases along the Indian border increased the risk of IAF attacks at any time. The PAF bases were kept on high alert at all times due to the risk.

On September 5, there was less tension. PAF, on the other hand, flew 16 missions on F-86 and F-104 fighter jets.

Following word of an Indian aircraft’s presence in the area, a PAF F-104 aircraft was dispatched to the area.

The supersonic sounds and blasts produced by this aircraft caused widespread panic in Amritsar.

The then-Indian Defence Minister even claimed that Pakistani jets had flown into Amritsar via Wagha and fired rockets at IAF units.

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