Fly Jinnah obtains Air operating license for domestic flights

Fly Jinnah

Low-cost local airline Fly Jinnah announced that it had obtained the required airline license. The airline now possesses both an Air Operating License (AOL) and an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to operate domestically inside Pakistan

Domestic airline Fly Jinnah is a partnership between Air Arabia Group and Lakson Group. The first and largest low-cost airline in the Middle East and North Africa is operated by Air Arabia. Lakson Group is one of the top corporate groups as well.

As a result, the Airline claimed in a news release that it had been granted a Regular Public Transport License by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) to function as a passenger and freight airline and the airline is safe and secure. According to the press statement, the airline complies in “complete compliance” with all of the PCAA’s operational and technical requirements.

Obtaining the AOL and AOC unquestionably shows that the airline has complied with all relevant professional criteria. The airline complies with all technical and safety laws.

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Additionally, the airline would keep in touch with the PCAA to decide when to start running the flights. We have put a lot of effort into obtaining the permits, according to FJ Chairman. The business wants to start up operations and boost the economy.

Adel Al Ali, CEO of Air Arabia Group, remarked in a news statement that we are very appreciative of PCAA. PCAA has helped us every step of the way. But getting the licenses wasn’t a simple procedure. However, we are certain that Fly Jinnah (FJ) will significantly improve Pakistan’s air transportation industry.

According to the press release, the business has to demonstrate fully certified and trained staff in order to receive the AOC. To fulfil the standards and ensure passenger safety, a crucial infrastructure, systems, processes, and procedures were required.

It was also stated that the carrier will begin operations with a fleet of three Airbus A320 aircraft. Before extending its network worldwide. The airline will be based in Karachi and operate domestically.

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