Twitter outage forced users to stay away from tweets

Over 8,000 users in the United States reporting problems with the app

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On Wednesday night, Twitter had yet another outage, with over 8,000 users in the United States reporting problems with the app. This is the latest in a series of outages that have plagued the platform in recent months, generating customer discontent.

The number of affected users may have been significantly greater than 8,000, according to Downdetector, a website that records outages, because the platform relies on user submissions and other sources for data.

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The outage came just a week after a surge in site traffic prevented users from tweeting, prompting many to receive a warning that they had reached their daily limit of 2,400 tweets.

Some Twitter users are now blaming Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, who recently fired thousands of employees, for the latest outage.

Twitter experienced its worst outage to date in December, with tens of thousands of users worldwide unable to access the network or essential functions for many hours.

Users are left to conjecture about the source of the latest outage because neither Twitter nor Musk have commented.

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