How Islamabad residents can avoid pollen allergy?

Paper mulberry, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Pine, Grease, Cannabis, Dandelion, and Alternaria, are to blame for Islamabad's high pollen levels

Pollen Allergy

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has noted the early start of the pollen season in Islamabad, and the health department of Islamabad has issued a warning to avoid pollen allergy. While the spring season raises respiratory issues among inhabitants of capital cities, health experts have urged pollen allergy patients to avoid outdoor activities without wearing a face mask and going around green places where plants like mulberry trees have grown.

Pollen allergy, according to allergy experts, is the most prevalent illness affecting city dwellers each year. However, allergic persons should wear masks when leaving the house and should avoid riding motorcycles and bicycles or going on unnecessary expeditions, especially at sunrise and sunset.

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According to experts, more than eight plants, including paper mulberry, acacia, eucalyptus, pine, grease, cannabis, dandelion, and alternaria, are to blame for Islamabad’s high pollen levels.

Pollen allergy sufferers were advised by an allergy expert to stay away from gardens, forests, and green spaces while jogging. Avoid keeping plants and flowers in your homes and rooms. He added that the paper mulberry is the main cause of pollen allergy in Islamabad.

He added that patients should wear masks when going outside because there are more people with pollen allergies in the city and the amount of pollen is still high.

The symptoms of a pollen allergy, according to experts, can include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, unproper breathing, wheezing, and eventually asthma attacks. In addition, the skin may itch as a result of these symptoms.

In urban areas, environmental pollution worsens allergies and affects patients’ quality of life.

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