Honda Atlas jacks up prices of its various models


The costs of Honda Atlas Cars’ various model cars have increased by Rs1 million as a result of the rupee’s depreciation against the US currency and the rise in sales tax. According to a circular sent to authorised dealers, the high-end Civic variant’s new price has surpassed the Rs 10-million threshold for the first time in the history of the nation.

‘Considering future increases in the currency rate and the rate of sales tax on CKD vehicles with displacements of 1,400cc and above, which is now 18% to 25%. Current prices must be increased by HACPL (Honda Atlas). On March 14, the revised prices went into effect.

The Civic RS 1.5L model is now available for Rs10.199 million following the recent price increase. Low-end City MT 1.2L pricing increased by Rs220,000 to Rs4.799 million. The 1.2L City CVT now costs Rs4.929 million after a Rs200,000 pricing increase.

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The 1.5L City CVT will now be available for Rs5.549 million after a Rs530,000 price rise. On the other hand, the BRV CVT S’s new pricing, which increased by Rs580,000, is Rs6.529 million. The price of HRV VTI S has gone up by Rs800,000, making it now Rs8.199 million.

It is important to note that Pakistan’s auto industry is still struggling, with several automakers recently declaring full or partial shutdowns and citing a variety of justifications.

Honda Atlas Vehicles (Pakistan) Ltd (HCAR), a Pakistani carmaker, was said to have temporarily shut down its plant from March 9 to March 31 due to supply chain difficulties earlier on March 8.

The company’s supply chain has also been severely disrupted by these measures, according to a notice. “Considering the current economic situation of Pakistan, whereby the Government resorted to stringent measures, including restricting the opening of Letters of Credit (LCs) for import of CKD kits, raw materials, and halting foreign payments,” it read.

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