WhatsApp new feature allow users to login to multiple phones at same time

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WhatsApp users worldwide have received a significant boost with the release of a new feature that will allow them to use their account on up to four mobile devices at the same time.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed in a statement posted on Tuesday that WhatsApp’s multi-device capability, which was previously only accessible through browsers, PCs, or tablets, may now be used to log in to multiple phones as well.

The new feature will be especially handy for people who use several phones for different aspects of their lives, such as work and home, and want to connect them all to a single WhatsApp account.

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The feature, which has already begun to roll out globally, allows users to switch between phones without having to check out and resume their conversations where they left off. If the primary device is inactive for an extended length of time, it will automatically log out of all other associated devices.

“Last year, we introduced the ability for users globally to message seamlessly across all of their devices, while maintaining the same level of privacy and security,” WhatsApp wrote in a blog post. “Today, we are expanding our multi-device offering by enabling users to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones.”

WhatsApp is dedicated to protecting its users’ data and ensuring that messaging across various devices is smooth and safe. This latest update is certain to be well received by WhatsApp’s global user base and will surely make life easier for people who utilise numerous devices. It is envisaged that everyone will have access to it in the following weeks.

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