Google, IRM, and Ignite Empower Women and Graduates with New Scholarships and Certificates for Pakistan’s Digital Economy

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In an effort to bridge the diversity gap in employment and equip individuals with the necessary skills for Pakistan’s emerging digital economy, Google, IRM (Ignite – National Technology Fund), and TechValley have announced the launch of new scholarships and career certificates.

Last year, Google, IRM, and Ignite awarded 15,000 scholarships to women and students/graduates. Building upon the success of the previous program, this year an additional 44,500 scholarships will be offered. These scholarships aim to provide opportunities for aspiring professionals to gain expertise and enhance their employability.

The expanded program also introduces three new certificates: Cybersecurity, Advanced Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence. These certificates have been developed by subject-matter experts and senior practitioners at Google, ensuring that learners gain practical knowledge and problem-solving skills relevant to their chosen field.

To further support participants, a soft skills program led by IRM and TechValley has been introduced. This program aims to prepare women and young graduates for the job market by honing their interpersonal and communication skills.

A key aspect of the initiative is the focus on empowering women. In the previous scholarship program, 51% of recipients were women, reflecting the commitment to promote gender equality and inclusivity in the workforce.

The Google Career Certificates offer a flexible learning experience. Candidates have the option to complete the program entirely online within six months, dedicating under 10 hours of study per week. This accessibility enables learners to pursue the certificates while balancing other commitments.

By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, these scholarships and certificates play a pivotal role in preparing them for employment in Pakistan’s evolving digital landscape. Through this collaboration, Google, IRM, and TechValley are actively supporting the growth of Pakistan’s digital economy and fostering a more inclusive workforce.

As the demand for skilled professionals in the digital sphere continues to rise, initiatives like these scholarships and career certificates pave the way for a brighter future for women and graduates in Pakistan’s job market.

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