PIA Flight Escapes Accident After Bird Strike During Takeoff

Bird hitting plane

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight had a close call with disaster when it was hit by a bird shortly after taking off from Karachi International Airport. The incident occurred during a flight from Karachi to Quetta, just five minutes after the aircraft had taken off. Despite the bird strike, the pilot skillfully managed to safely land the plane back at Karachi airport, avoiding any human injuries.

The PIA spokesperson confirmed that the Airbus A-320 had successfully returned to Karachi and that the airline’s engineering team was currently assessing the condition of the aircraft. Prompt action was taken to ensure the safety of passengers and crew on board.

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This incident comes in the wake of a recent report highlighting the frequency of bird strikes on PIA planes. According to the report, a total of 57 bird-related incidents were recorded during the first 11 months of 2022. The majority of these incidents occurred at Lahore International Airport, with 53 reported between January and October, and an additional four incidents in November.

Bird strikes pose a significant risk to aircraft safety, and airlines prioritize measures to mitigate such incidents. Robust bird control programs, runway management strategies, and pilot training are crucial to minimize the potential dangers associated with bird strikes.

PIA, like other airlines, remains committed to ensuring the safety of its passengers and crew by adhering to strict safety protocols and taking appropriate measures to address any potential risks.

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