Sindh Government Introduces Electric Taxis and Enhances Public Bus Service

Electric Taxi

Sindh Transport Minister, Sharjeel Memon, announced on Thursday that the Sindh government is taking a significant step towards improving transportation services in Karachi. The government has initiated the introduction of electric taxi services for the citizens, along with pink-colored taxis specifically designated for female passengers to ensure their safety and comfort.

The first phase of the project will witness the launch of over 200 electric taxis, out of which 50 will be designated as pink taxis exclusively for women. This initiative aims to provide convenient and reliable transportation options, particularly for women, in the city.

Memon stated, “A modern, affordable, and environment-friendly electric taxi service will be launched in Karachi and extended to other major cities of the province.” This move aligns with the government’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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In addition to the electric taxi service, the Sindh government has also decided to enhance the public bus service by adding 500 new buses, valued at Rs25 billion. These buses will be deployed across various routes in Karachi, significantly improving accessibility for the public.

Memon further shared that the government is actively working to acquire an additional 20 buses by June 15, which will further strengthen the public transportation system and cater to the increasing demand.

Furthermore, as part of the efforts to expand the People’s Bus Service, the government has directed the initiation of a new route from Hattri to Kisana Mori in Hyderabad. The trial for this route will commence within three days, providing a convenient commuting option for residents in that area.

These initiatives by the Sindh government reflect their commitment to improving transportation infrastructure and providing reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation options for the citizens of Karachi and other major cities in the province.

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