YouTube Takes the Lead as the Most Popular App in Pakistan with Over 71 Million Users


The recently released economic survey for 2022-23 has revealed that YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform owned by Google, has emerged as the most popular app in Pakistan, boasting an impressive user base of over 71 million people. The survey provides valuable insights into the social media and internet landscape in the country, shedding light on user preferences and trends.

Pakistan currently has a staggering 19.18 million smartphone users, and among this tech-savvy population, YouTube stands out as the top choice with over 70 million individuals actively engaging with the platform. Facebook closely follows with 57.5 million users, while Snack Video, a video-sharing platform, secures the third spot with 18.8 million users.

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The survey also highlights that Pakistan has a total of 87.3 million internet users, indicating the growing digital connectivity in the country. Notably, TikTok continues to maintain a significant presence in the Pakistani social media scene, capturing the attention of 18.3 million users. Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, also enjoys a substantial following with 15.6 million users.

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has gained traction among professionals in Pakistan, boasting a user base of 7.6 million. Other platforms like ‘BIGO LIVE’ and ‘Likee’ have also managed to accumulate 4.2 million users in the country.

In contrast, Twitter has a relatively smaller user base in Pakistan, with only 3.4 million individuals actively using the platform. However, Twitter remains a prominent platform for news dissemination and public discourse, playing a crucial role in facilitating conversations and discussions.

When it comes to messaging apps, WhatsApp takes the lead as the preferred choice for communication in Pakistan, with a remarkable user base surpassing 46.2 million.

The findings from the economic survey highlight the popularity of digital platforms in Pakistan and reflect the increasing reliance on technology for communication, entertainment, and information sharing. As the country continues to embrace the digital age, these platforms play a vital role in shaping the social media landscape and connecting millions of users across the nation.

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