Pindi Boyz Return with New song ‘Pindi Aye 2.0’ features Sheikh Rasheed

Pindi Boys

After three years since their super hit single ‘Pindi Aye,’ the seven-member group known as the Pindi Boyz has made a comeback with a new song and music video featuring none other than the Pindi Boy himself, Sheikh Rasheed.

Consisting of Hashim Nawaz, Zeeru, Hamzee, Shuja Shah, Usman Ghauri, OCL, and Khawar Malik, the Pindi Boyz gained immense popularity with their previous track, which garnered 22 million views online.

Osama Karamat, also known as OCL, expressed his surprise at the overwhelming response to their first song. Following its success, the group members pursued their individual paths but could not replicate the same level of achievement as ‘Pindi Aye.’

Realizing the impact of their previous track, Karamat decided to reunite the Pindi Boyz and release ‘Pindi Aye 2.0,’ which has already reached two million views.

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The Pindi Boyz hail from Rawalpindi and are currently based there, except for their producer, Usman Ghauri, who works remotely from Bahrain. Despite the amusing nature of their name, the group members are well aware of the associated stereotypes and aim to change the perception of being a Pindi boy.

Surprisingly, the music video for ‘Pindi Aye 2.0’ features Sheikh Rasheed, who was initially considered for their first track but couldn’t participate at the time. After a determined effort, the Pindi Boyz were able to include him in their latest video.

In the video, Sheikh Rasheed adopts a persona resembling a mix of a mafioso and Nick Fury, handing the Pindi Boyz a black dossier while they stand before him. The politician’s involvement brings an exciting twist to the music video.

During their encounter with Sheikh Rasheed, they found him to be surprisingly laidback, contrary to their initial expectations. The Pindi Boyz spent about two and a half hours with him, discussing the video and seeking his advice on promoting their city even more.

‘Pindi Aye 2.0’ captures the essence of Rawalpindi in a vibrant and fun manner, showcasing iconic locations such as Fawara Chowk in Raja Bazaar. The music video garnered significant attention and support from the people of Rawalpindi, with hundreds gathering during the shoot.

The Pindi Boyz emphasize the importance of organic growth and engagement, highlighting the difference between genuine popularity and artificially inflated numbers. They are proud to have earned a loyal fanbase and strive to maintain their authenticity.

With their latest release, the Pindi Boyz aim to unite their fans once again and continue to promote the spirit and culture of Rawalpindi. The group’s return has been met with enthusiasm and appreciation, as evidenced by the TikTok trend featuring their song and Sheikh Rasheed.

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