Military Doctors Remove Largest Kidney Stone Ever, Set Guinness World Record

Kidney Stone

In a remarkable medical achievement, military doctors have earned the prestigious Guinness World Record for successfully removing the largest kidney stone ever discovered from a retired soldier, Canistus Coonge, aged 62. The stone, weighing a staggering 801 grams (28.25 ounces), surpassed the weight of an average male kidney by more than five times.

According to the Sri Lankan army, the kidney stone extracted from Coonge measured an astonishing 13.37 centimeters (5.26 inches) in length, significantly larger than the average kidney size of 10 to 12 centimeters. The groundbreaking surgical procedure took place on June 1 at the Colombo Army Hospital.

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Coonge, a former sergeant, shared his journey on Swarnavahini TV, revealing that he had been experiencing abdominal pain since 2020, despite oral medication that proved ineffective. Following a recent scan, he was advised to undergo surgery. Post-surgery, Coonge expressed relief, stating, “I feel normal now.”

This extraordinary feat surpassed the previous record of a 620-gram kidney stone removed from a patient in Pakistan in 2008, as reported by Guinness World Records and the South China Morning Post. The official announcement by Guinness World Records came on Wednesday, recognizing the Sri Lankan medical team’s exceptional accomplishment.

Army surgeon K. Sutharshan emphasized that the most significant aspect of the achievement was that Coonge’s kidney continued to function normally despite the presence of the massive stone. Kidney stones are formed when minerals and salts crystallize during the blood filtration process. If the stones grow too large and become stuck, surgical intervention becomes necessary. Passing kidney stones can be excruciatingly painful for patients.

The successful removal of this colossal kidney stone by Sri Lankan military doctors not only highlights their exceptional medical expertise but also showcases the resilience of the human body. This remarkable achievement in urology will undoubtedly inspire and provide hope to individuals suffering from similar conditions worldwide.

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