Honda Atlas Cars Limited Faces Challenges as Civic Sales Plunge

Honda Civic

Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL), one of the leading automobile companies in Pakistan, has encountered a significant setback as it failed to sell a single Honda Civic in the last three months, according to a report by

This year has proven to be a challenging period for HACL, both in terms of production and sales. The company has been grappling with supply network issues that have severely impacted its productivity. As a result, the availability of Honda Civic cars in the market has been limited, leaving potential buyers frustrated.

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The price increase of Honda Civic models has further compounded the problem, making the car less affordable for consumers. This combination of supply chain challenges and rising prices has deterred buyers from making purchases, leading to a sharp decline in sales for HACL.

In a surprising revelation, it has been reported that Honda Atlas Cars Limited only managed to sell a mere 87 cars in the previous month, a figure that is significantly lower than expected for a company of Honda’s stature.

In response to these circumstances, Honda has announced its intention to resume production soon, although no specific dates have been provided in the recent notification. This decision signals the company’s determination to address the supply network issues and regain its presence in the market. However, it remains to be seen how quickly HACL can overcome these challenges and restore its sales momentum.

The recent slump in Honda Civic sales is undoubtedly a cause for concern for both the company and potential customers. The inability to meet consumer demand not only affects HACL’s financial performance but also impacts the options available to car buyers in Pakistan.

Industry experts and Honda enthusiasts will be closely monitoring the company’s efforts to resolve the supply chain issues and regain its position as a leading automotive brand in the country. The success of HACL’s production restart will be crucial in determining its ability to recover from this sales setback and meet the expectations of its loyal customer base.

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