Virat Kohli Emerges as World’s Highest Earning Athlete with Staggering Net Worth of INR 1050 Crore

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket sensation, has taken the sporting world by storm once again as a report compiled by Bengaluru-based company Stockgro reveals that he is currently the highest earning athlete globally, surpassing all others in the realm of sports.

According to the report, Kohli’s net worth stands at an astonishing INR 1050 crore, solidifying his status as one of the most prodigious sports icons of all time. The breakdown of his earnings, compiled from sources such as Forbes, DNA, and MPL, showcases the immense financial success he has achieved.

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Kohli’s contract with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) alone is worth PKR 24 crore. Further dissecting his cricket earnings, the report reveals that he earns PKR 52 lakh from Test matches, PKR 21 lakh from ODIs, and PKR 10 lakh from T20 matches per game.

Notably, Kohli’s ventures extend beyond the realm of cricket. He has made strategic investments in multiple start-ups, including Blue Tribe, MPL, and Sports Convo. In addition, he serves as an ambassador for over 18 brands, commanding a fee ranging from PKR 26 lakh to 35 lakh per endorsement shoot. Astoundingly, his earnings from brand endorsements alone accumulate to a staggering PKR 613 crore.

Adding to his remarkable financial prowess, Kohli’s massive Instagram following of 250 million followers allows him to charge an incredible PKR 28 crore per Instagram post.

Intriguingly, Kohli is married to renowned actress Anushka Sharma since 2017, who herself boasts a net worth of INR 255 crores, further cementing the couple’s prominent financial status.

Virat Kohli’s meteoric rise in the sporting world coupled with his shrewd business acumen and successful brand endorsements have propelled him to unprecedented heights in terms of earnings. With his astounding net worth, he has not only established himself as an exemplary athlete but also as a financial powerhouse, transcending boundaries and setting new standards of success in the sports industry.

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