WhatsApp Introduces Phone Number Linking for WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Laptop

Meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, is introducing a new feature that allows users to link their accounts to WhatsApp Web using their phone numbers, as reported by WaBetaInfo. The update, version, is currently being rolled out through the Google Play Beta Program and will gradually reach more users in the coming days. However, some users may already have access to the feature by installing specific previous versions of the app.

Previously, users had to link their WhatsApp accounts to the web version by scanning a QR code. With the new feature, users can easily link their accounts using their phone numbers. When attempting to link a new device, users will now see a “link with phone number” option. They can then link their device using their “primary account phone number” and a “one-time code generated by WhatsApp Web.”

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To link a device, users need to open WhatsApp Web on their desktop and select the “link with phone number” option. After entering their phone number and country, they will receive an 8-character code. This code must be entered into WhatsApp on their mobile device after receiving a notification.

The new feature is particularly beneficial for users whose cameras were not functional and therefore could not scan QR codes. It enables anyone to connect with WhatsApp Web using their phone numbers.

It’s important to note that this feature is only compatible with WhatsApp Web and users cannot link their WhatsApp accounts to secondary mobile devices using their phone numbers. The feature aims to enhance accessibility and provide users with alternative methods to connect with WhatsApp Web.

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