Meta’s Threads App Hits 100Million Users in Under 5 Days, Outpaces ChatGPT and TikTok

Threads Meta

In a remarkable feat, the Threads app launched by Instagram as a rival to Twitter has garnered over 100 million users in less than five days, according to data tracking websites. This achievement shatters the record previously held by AI tool ChatGPT as the fastest-growing consumer app.

While ChatGPT took two months and TikTok took nine months to reach the 100 million user milestone, Instagram itself took two-and-a-half years following its launch in 2010. Threads, on the other hand, was made available on Apple and Android app stores in 100 countries late last Wednesday, experiencing rapid adoption worldwide. Notably, the app is currently unavailable in Europe due to concerns about navigating the European Union’s data privacy legislation.

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Twitter, with approximately 200 million regular users, has faced numerous technical failures since its acquisition by Elon Musk last year, resulting in the dismissal of thousands of staff. Musk’s introduction of charges for previously free services and the reinstatement of banned right-wing accounts have also caused discontent among users.

While several rivals have emerged in the quest to challenge Twitter’s dominance, most remain niche platforms lacking the necessary scalability to overthrow the established social media giant. Threads, however, benefits from its integration with Instagram, which boasts over one billion regular users. This association has contributed to the app’s rapid growth and widespread adoption.

According to online data service Quiver Quantitative, Threads surpassed the 100 million user mark at 07:00 GMT on Monday. Other websites, tracking the “badges” received by Instagram users who downloaded Threads, reported that the milestone was reached earlier.

The overwhelming response to Threads underscores the appetite for innovative social media platforms and indicates the potential for the app to disrupt the market. As the battle for user engagement intensifies, it will be intriguing to observe how Threads and other contenders continue to shape the social media landscape.

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