Ufone’s Network Outage in Islamabad Sparks Frustration Among Local Residents

Ufone Poor Connectivity

The residents of Islamabad have been left exasperated as Ufone’s network outage continues for the past four days, causing significant disruptions in their daily lives. The network outage has particularly affected the areas of Chirah and Tumair, leaving people unable to make calls and connect to the internet.

The area has a large number of people reliant on Ufone’s network, making the outage’s impact even more widespread. One of the major consequences of the prolonged outage is the disruption of online classes for students, hindering their education and learning progress. Additionally, businesses relying on online services, such as online payments, mobile recharges, ridesharing, and food delivery, have faced significant setbacks due to the lack of network coverage.

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Customers who had recently recharged their call and internet packages find themselves at a loss, as their packages have expired without being used. Moreover, those attempting to recharge their packages before the expiry of the previous ones are unable to do so, leading to unnecessary losses of resources.

Despite multiple complaints being lodged at Ufone’s call center, there has been no substantial action taken to address and resolve the issue. The frustrated residents have now reached out to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to intervene and resolve the issue. If the matter is not resolved in a timely manner, the local community has warned that they may resort to staging protests against the cellular company and potentially block adjacent roads.

The extended network outage has left people in distress and struggling to carry out their daily activities, highlighting the importance of reliable and efficient telecommunication services. Local residents are hoping for a swift resolution to the problem to restore normalcy and convenience to their lives.

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