Women’s digital & financial inclusion will pave the way for Pakistan’s progress – Jazz CEO

Amir Ibrahim

Jazz CEO, Aamir Ibrahim, has stated that women’s financial empowerment and independence are pivotal for driving progress and development. He also reiterated commitment to addressing inclusion gaps, stating that technology holds the key to viable solutions. 

Aamir shared these thoughts at the launch event of the ‘Digitalisation & Women in Pakistan’ report, produced collaboratively by Jazz, the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), UNDP, UNFPA, and UN Women.

The report delves into the gender digital divide in Pakistan and the challenges women face in the digital world. It identifies the reasons behind the gender gap in access to technology and provides potential solutions to bridge this digital divide.

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By providing a comprehensive analysis of the issue, this report aims to contribute to ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable digital environment in Pakistan.

“The challenges we currently face with regard to gender gaps in financial inclusion have women’s digital exclusion to blame at the very core,” said Aamir.

“We need to make technology as accessible to Pakistani women as it is to our men. We also need to spread awareness about the internet and smartphones being powerful equalizers that remove barriers and open doors to equal opportunities,” he added.

“At Jazz, we’re passionate about transforming the lives and livelihoods of Pakistani women through technology. Being the country’s largest digital operator, it’s not just CSR for us, it’s a true commitment that we’re in serious pursuit of.”

Talking about the company’s resolve to financially include and empower more Pakistani women, Aamir said that both JazzCash and Mobilink Microfinance Bank have different programs to improve women’s financial literacy and entrepreneurship, helping them become active socioeconomic contributors.

“Our goal is to ensure that Pakistani women are as equipped with the benefits of internet and smartphones as their male counterparts. The Digitalisation & Women in Pakistan report may offer deep insights to other players in the industry and beyond to effectively steer their inclusion efforts,” he added.

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