YouTube Unveils Premium Services for Rs 479 in Pakistan


In a highly anticipated move, YouTube has officially launched its premium and music services in Pakistan, ushering in a wave of excitement among users across the country. With these groundbreaking offerings, Pakistani viewers can now revel in an uninterrupted and enriched video-watching and music-listening journey.

The star of the show is YouTube Premium, a flagship service poised to redefine how users engage with content. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, users bid farewell to the annoyance of ads that often disrupt the viewing experience. This enhancement allows individuals to indulge in their favorite videos seamlessly, even while multitasking with other applications or when the screen is locked.

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The innovation doesn’t stop there. YouTube Premium goes the extra mile by allowing subscribers to download videos, ensuring that entertainment remains at their fingertips, even in regions with limited internet connectivity. Furthermore, YouTube Premium subscribers gain automatic access to YouTube Music Premium, an accompanying music service. This music-focused feature gifts aficionados with ad-free melodies, background play, and the ability to save music offline for auditory pleasure anytime, anywhere.

In an official statement, YouTube underscored the significance of their premium service, hailing it as a new benchmark for unrivaled video-watching convenience and ad-free gratification.

What’s more, this superior experience comes at an affordable price point. The YouTube Premium subscription is set at a reasonable Rs479, a fee that conveniently incorporates membership to YouTube Music Premium. Families seeking to partake in these luxuries can opt for the Premium Family Plan, a steal at just Rs899, permitting up to five household members to revel in the perks of premium features collectively.

For those with a melody in their hearts, YouTube Music Premium is a dream come true, available at Rs299. This package ensures an ad-free symphony, background harmony, and the luxury of downloading favorite tracks. Similarly, the Music Premium Family Plan caters to harmonious families, priced at Rs479, enabling kinfolk to partake in ad-free serenades and music video streaming.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing young minds, YouTube is offering a Premium Student Plan at a discounted rate of Rs329. Eligible students can embrace the Premium service in all its glory, refining their entertainment experiences. The Music Premium Student Plan is also extending a hand to students, priced at a reduced Rs149, delivering uninterrupted music streaming across web and Android platforms.

This strategic launch coincides with YouTube’s remarkable growth in Pakistan. As per Google’s country head for Pakistan, the count of YouTube channels boasting over one million subscribers has surged by an astounding 35 percent, culminating in an impressive total of 400 such channels. Additionally, over 6,000 channels now flaunt over 100,000 subscribers each, reflecting an annual expansion rate of over 30 percent.

With the advent of YouTube Premium and Music services in Pakistan, users are primed to embark on a seamless and immersive voyage as they delve into their favorite videos and melodies. The introduction of these transformative services is expected to propel YouTube to even greater heights of popularity, further solidifying its substantial user base within the nation.

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