Federal Minister Unveils Beep Pakistan: A Homegrown Alternative to WhatsApp


In a significant stride towards digital sovereignty, Syed Amin Ul Haque, the Federal Minister for Information Technology, has introduced ‘Beep Pakistan,’ a domestic messaging app poised to rival the popular platform WhatsApp. The unveiling took place during a launch ceremony, where Minister Haque highlighted the app’s importance for Pakistan’s burgeoning IT industry.

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During its inaugural 30-day trial phase, ‘Beep Pakistan’ will facilitate internal communication between the Ministry of IT and Communication and the National Information Technology Board (NITB). Subsequent phases will witness the app’s integration across government departments and its eventual availability to the general public throughout the nation.

Minister Haque acknowledged that while neighboring countries such as India and Bangladesh have already ventured into alternative messaging apps, Pakistan’s stride towards technological self-reliance remains noteworthy. The app’s standout feature lies in its assured 100% security, as its servers and source code are domiciled within Pakistan.

The application boasts a suite of functionalities encompassing data sharing, audio and video calling, and conference calling capabilities. Its unwavering focus on data security and privacy aligns with the escalating concerns surrounding cybersecurity within the country.

Praising the National Information Technology Board’s (NITB) diligent efforts, Minister Haque expressed his pride in Pakistan’s achievement of creating a homegrown alternative to WhatsApp. This landmark development reflects Pakistan’s commitment to enhancing its domestic IT sector and reducing dependence on foreign digital platforms.

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