Maryam Nawaz’s Coffee Mug Displays Popular Slogan “Mian day naaray wajjan gay”

Maryam Coffee Mug

Maryam Nawaz, a prominent figure in Pakistani politics and a member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has opted to replace her long-used metal glass with a new coffee mug that bears a striking slogan and photo on its front.

The PML-N took to their social media platforms to share a video in which Maryam Nawaz discusses her decision to switch from her traditional metal glass to the new coffee mug. She humorously remarks that her previous cup had become a topic of “discussions, analysis, and TV programs.”

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In the video, Maryam Nawaz proudly displays a light-colored insulated coffee mug and turns it towards the camera. With a hint of playfulness, she declares, “Coffee tastes better in the cup I’m using now.”

Drawing attention to the design, Maryam Nawaz reveals that one side of the mug showcases the slogan “Mian day naaray wajjan gay” (Mian’s praise will resound everywhere), a rallying cry frequently associated with her father and PML-N leader, Mian Nawaz Sharif.

The reverse side of the mug features a prominently displayed photograph of the former Prime Minister, adding a personal touch and enhancing the emotional resonance of her choice.

Maryam Nawaz extends an invitation to her fellow party officials, including Azma Bokhari and Talal Chaudhary, encouraging them to join in by using the same coffee mugs. She playfully assures them, “I promise you, the coffee tastes better.”

The video concludes with Maryam Nawaz’s appeal for unity and camaraderie within the party, as they adopt this small yet meaningful gesture that echoes their shared ideology and support for their leader.

In this intriguing move, Maryam Nawaz combines symbolism, humor, and unity, creating a relatable moment within the realm of politics that captures the attention and interest of both her supporters and the general public.

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