Plea Submitted to Lahore High Court Seeks Ban on TikTok

Punjab Police TikTok

A constitutional plea has been formally lodged with the Lahore High Court, advocating for the prohibition of the widely used social media platform, TikTok. The petitioner, Rana Usman Anwar, asserts that the platform’s incessant dissemination of indecent material is severely affecting the younger generation.

The plea, spearheaded by Anwar and guided by Advocate Sohail Ahmad Shaikh, has named the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the federal government as respondents. The focus of the plea revolves around the escalating presence of inappropriate content on TikTok, which the petitioner believes is eroding the moral values of the nation’s youth.

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The petitioner raises serious concerns about the platform’s role in misguiding and negatively influencing young individuals. Tragically, instances have been cited where young people have lost their lives while attempting to create TikTok videos. This alarming trend underscores the plea’s urgency in seeking a resolution to the challenges posed by the platform’s content.

The plea underscores the constitutional dimension of the issue by invoking Article 5 of the Constitution, which emphasizes every citizen’s responsibility to exhibit allegiance to the state. Drawing parallels with actions taken by other nations in response to similar concerns, the plea calls for a ban on TikTok to safeguard the well-being and moral development of Pakistan’s youth.

TikTok’s history in Pakistan has been marked by intermittent bans, albeit of short durations, due to various reasons. As this constitutional plea takes center stage, the court’s decision will play a pivotal role in determining the future of the platform’s presence in the country.

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