Apple Issues Safety Warning to iPhone Users: Avoid Sleeping While Charging


In a bid to prioritize user safety, tech giant Apple has issued a cautionary advisory for iPhone users, urging them to refrain from sleeping while their devices are connected to charging. The warning comes as part of Apple’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the well-being of its customers.

In its statement, Apple underscored the importance of keeping iPhones, power adapters, and wireless chargers in well-ventilated areas during use or charging. The company specifically discouraged placing devices under blankets, pillows, or beneath the body while they are connected to a power source.

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The advisory takes on an added significance for individuals with physical conditions that may impede their ability to detect heat when in close proximity to their bodies.

Interestingly, an endorsement for Apple’s safety message came from an unexpected source—a firefighter from the United Kingdom who shared his insights via a TikTok post. Drawing attention to the fact that fire cannot be smelled while sleeping, the firefighter stressed the critical nature of staying awake and alert while devices are being charged.

He shared a stark reminder, stating, “It only takes three breaths, right, to knock you unconscious.”

The firefighter highlighted that incidents involving cheap or malfunctioning phone chargers are not uncommon, and even authentic chargers have been known to trigger fires. He advised users, whenever possible, to charge their phones while they are awake and present, from the perspective of fire safety. This proactive approach, he asserted, significantly reduces potential risks associated with charging devices.

Apple’s safety warning comes as a timely reminder that technological convenience should always be paired with responsible practices, ensuring that user experiences are not only seamless but also secure. By issuing this advisory, Apple seeks to empower its users to make informed choices that safeguard their well-being.

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