StormFiber Unveils High-Speed Internet in Swat

StromFiber Swat

StormFiber, a renowned fiber-broadband company, has expanded its reach to the picturesque city of Swat, Pakistan. Known for its natural beauty and cultural richness, Swat joins StormFiber’s network as the 23rd city to benefit from its advanced connectivity.

Bringing 100% fiber-optic internet coverage to Swat’s mountainous terrain is a testament to StormFiber’s commitment to a nationwide digital transformation. The reliable and high-speed broadband service they provide will be a lifeline for Swat’s influencers, entrepreneurs, and talents, offering them uninterrupted connectivity and access to global opportunities. This advancement is poised to reshape education, industry, and tourism in the region.

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Mr. Fawad Yousuf Laher, the Managing Director of StormFiber, shared the vision behind this significant expansion: “Our move into Swat isn’t just about infrastructure development; it’s about showcasing Pakistan’s diverse landscapes and rich culture on the global stage. Through our ultra-fast broadband, we empower locals to become global ambassadors for their magnificent homeland.”

Mr. Maroof Ali Shahani, the Chief Operating Officer of Cyber Internet Services, highlighted the symbolism of launching on Independence Day: “Expanding into Swat on this special day aligns with our mission to enhance Pakistan’s global image, especially in the context of tourism, using unmatched broadband services.”

Reports suggest that StormFiber’s ambitious expansion plans will continue throughout the year, promising a brighter digital future for Pakistan.

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