foodpanda and Heal Aid Foundation Join Forces to Support Hardworking Delivery Riders


foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading delivery platform, has teamed up with Heal Aid Foundation to extend support and appreciation to its dedicated delivery riders. As part of this collaboration, Heal Aid Foundation has generously donated 50 White Cards to a select group of foodpanda delivery riders who meet specific eligibility criteria.

Heal Aid Foundation’s remarkable project, the White Card – Financial Assistance for the Lower Middle Class, is aimed at providing discreet and dignified support to individuals in need. Through this initiative, eligible recipients receive a gift card or a cash-topped-up card with a specific amount, empowering them to meet their basic needs without compromising their dignity. This approach offers a convenient and portable means of assistance, distinguishing it from traditional methods such as distributing ration bags or direct cash handouts.

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To commemorate this impactful collaboration, foodpanda hosted an event at their Karachi head office, where the Heal Aid Foundation team distributed the White Cards to 50 deserving foodpanda delivery riders. The initiative not only recognizes the hard work and dedication of these riders but also highlights their invaluable role in ensuring seamless food delivery services.

Syed M. Ahmed, Director General Heal Aid Foundation expressed his dedication to the cause, stating, “At Heal Aid Foundation, our mission is to provide discreet assistance to the educated middle class, preserving their dignity while supporting their basic needs. The White Card initiative empowers individuals to shop with confidence and ensures the confidentiality of their assistance.”

CEO foodpanda, Muntaqa Peracha also shared his gratitude, commenting, “We are immensely grateful to join hands with Heal Aid Foundation and appreciate their generous contribution to our hardworking delivery riders. These riders play a crucial role in our daily operations, and this collaboration reflects our commitment to recognizing and supporting their efforts.”

The White Card initiative charges a nominal amount of Rs. 100 from each recipient, emphasising that this support is earned rather than a mere handout. Criteria for the White Card recipients include young riders who are supporting their higher education and older riders, aged 50 and above, who serve as the sole breadwinners of their households. The partnership aims to make a positive impact on the lives of 50 deserving riders.

This partnership exemplifies foodpanda and Heal Aid Foundation’s shared commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals who contribute significantly to society.

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