Steel Wire Found in Burger Fillet Prompts Closure of KFC Outlet in Rawalpindi


The Rawalpindi district administration took swift action by sealing a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet located in the Scheme-III area of Rawalpindi following a shocking discovery of a steel wire in a burger fillet. The closure was enforced by Assistant Commissioner Cantonment, Qandeel Fatima Memon, who acted promptly after verifying the authenticity of the complaint.

The incident unfolded when a customer at KFC Scheme 3 reported the disturbing find to the local authorities. The customer alleged that while eating a burger, they had come across a steel wire embedded within the fillet, raising serious concerns about the safety and quality of food being served at KFC.

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Assistant Commissioner Memon, known for her commitment to public welfare and consumer rights, wasted no time in launching an investigation into the matter. She personally visited the KFC outlet in Scheme 3 and inspected the kitchen and food preparation areas. After conducting a thorough examination and interviewing the restaurant’s staff, she confirmed the veracity of the complaint, concluding that a steel wire had indeed been present in the burger fillet.

To ensure the safety of consumers and uphold food safety standards, Assistant Commissioner Memon ordered the immediate closure of KFC Scheme 3. This decision was taken to prevent any further potential harm to customers and to allow for a detailed investigation into the restaurant’s food handling and quality control processes.

The closure of the popular fast-food chain has stirred both public concern and curiosity in Rawalpindi, with residents expressing their shock over the incident. Social media platforms have been flooded with discussions about food safety standards, and many locals are demanding stricter regulations and inspections of food outlets in the city.

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