BankIslami Unveils Extraordinary Financial Triumph with Unprecedented Results


BankIslami, a leading financial institution, has announced its remarkable financial results for the year ended December 31, 2023. The bank reported a staggering after-tax profit of PKR 11.04 billion, showcasing its exceptional performance. Net profit and return surged by an impressive 97%, while profit after tax increased by 149%.

The bank has declared a final cash dividend of 10%, which is in addition to the interim dividend of 17.5% announced in Q4 2023. This brings the total cash dividend payout to PKR 2.75 per share for the year 2023, which reaffirms the bank’s unwavering commitment to deliver value to its esteemed shareholders.

There has been phenomenal growth in the bank’s net asset of 37.9%, due to its strategic allocation of excess liquidity into secured investments. This move propelled the investment portfolio from PKR 179.74 billion in December 2022 to an impressive PKR 314.08 billion in December 2023, marking a healthy growth of 74.7%. Meanwhile, the bank’s financing portfolio witnessed a modest growth of 14.3%, influenced by the current economic condition, high policy rates, and stringent regulatory measures on consumer financing.

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Despite the challenges, BankIslami prudently established a buffer of provision, ensuring coverage of 104.2% against the delinquent portfolio. This will act as a strong shock absorber, safeguarding the bank’s stability.

The bank also experienced a remarkable growth of 25.6% rise in total deposits, maintaining a favorable CASA mix of 62.2%. Boosted by heightened profitability and an improved credit risk profile, BankIslami’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) has reached 23.79%, well above the regulatory threshold of 11.50%.

Looking ahead, BankIslami aims to strengthen its growth trajectory by expanding its deposit base and enriching the customer experience by further growing its footprint. With its extraordinary financial triumph, BankIslami is poised to continue its success story and make a significant impact in the financial industry

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