Zong 4G announces free of cost services in Gwadar amid Flood Calamity

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In the wake of the unprecedented floods affecting people in Gwadar and interior Baluchistan, Zong 4G has announced free-of-cost services for all impacted areas. The affected can subscribe by dialing *9090# to avail 20 On net minutes for 1 Day and ensure they remain connected with their loved ones, especially during these testing times. #ZongStandsbyPakistan

Zong 4G is going above and beyond by providing free services to all impacted customers. This includes free of charge calls without any condition of minimum balance to all Zong Numbers in Pakistan for people in affected areas. Additionally, the company is ensuring that its employees and their families are safe and that no customer suffers outages or network lags in their mobile services.

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This will be especially helpful for rescue services and families to stay connected with each other. Free calls will allow rescue workers to coordinate relief efforts more effectively, while families separated by the floods can stay in touch and share updates on their safety and whereabouts.

In the face of these extraordinary challenges, Zong 4G stands steadfast with the people of Baluchistan and the entire nation. The company recognizes the profound impact this crisis has had on countless lives, and is deeply committed to supporting the collective well-being of Pakistan’s citizens. To this end, the company pledges to do everything in its power to ensure the safety, security and well-being of customers, employees, and all stakeholders.

Zong 4G believes in the collective strength and resilience of the people of this country and has confidence that by working together with unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit, it is possible to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger.

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