World’s lightest baby shifted to home


The World’s lightest baby born in Singapore was discharged by the hospital after recovery. According to British News Agency the baby girl born at just 25 weeks and her equivalent of an ‘apple’ at birth, i.e. 212 grams and was 24 centimetres long was taken home from the hospital after a successful recovery.  

According to the details, the baby’s mother was a patient with high blood pressure. The serious dangers to the life of the mother and baby compelled the doctors to perform the operation at least 15 weeks before the normal delivery.

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According to the reported survival of the baby identified as Quick Yu Zwan was very difficult. After 13 months the baby gets weighed 6.3 kg, the equivalent of a healthy baby, and the baby was taken home from the hospital.

Remember that before Quick Yuzwan the lightest baby girl at birth was from the United States, who was born in 2018 and weighed 245 grams at birth.

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