Rawalpindi facing stray dog menace


Rawalpindi: Due to sheer negligence of Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) and the cantonment board there is a surge in the population of stray dogs. Residents of Rawalpindi are extremely concerned over this issue and demands authorities to take swift action.

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The uncontrolled presence of stray dogs effects the traffic flow and in some instances have caused accidents. Moreover, the cases of dog bites is constantly on the rise aimed the increasing population of these canines. Those who work late at night face the threat of countering these aggressive animals. Furthermore, the loud howling and barking late at night causes severe disturbance effecting the sleep of residents of Rawalpindi.

Shockingly the concerning authorities have not yet initiated any drive to counter this situation. Citizens including Ali Raza and Danish Ali warned that if the authorities failed to control this situation, residents may take matters into their own hands.

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