Punjab Government Shifts to Local Private Companies for Waste Management in 37 Districts

Waste management

Private news channel has reported a significant shift in the waste management strategy of the Punjab government, as it decides to hire local private companies instead of municipal services for waste management across 37 districts in the province.

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The decision comes with plans to impose a waste management tax on the public, although the specifics of this tax remain unclear at this time. The government aims to commence waste management services within the next five to six months.

News channel highlighted that while some districts like Sahiwal currently lack private waste management companies, the government is taking steps to facilitate their establishment and operation.

This move represents a departure from past practices, where the Punjab government in Lahore had awarded waste management contracts to foreign companies. However, these contracts often resulted in significant financial burdens on the national exchequer due to payments in foreign currencies.

In a bid to alleviate such financial strain and promote local businesses, the Punjab government has opted to engage local private companies for waste management services this time around. This shift is expected to not only enhance waste management efficiency but also stimulate local economic growth.

Furthermore, the government has affirmed its commitment to extending improved waste management services to rural areas, ensuring a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to sanitation and environmental sustainability across the province.

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