First e-Taxi launches in Pakistan


Sapphire Group in collaboration with Faisal Movers has launched the country’s first-ever electric taxi service in Islamabad. The launch ceremony was organized in Islamabad where SAPM on climate change was the chief guest.

Speaking at the occasion, SAPM congratulates both the companies on their joint initiative as they embrace the future in advance mobility and sustainable growth. The electronic taxi service for Northern areas of the country was a revolutionary step towards eco-friendly connectivity in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision.

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The e-taxi driver will save up to Rs12,000 in the budget. Switching to e-taxi will save the country’s  Rs 2 billion in oil imports while also providing economic benefits to drivers.

e-Taxi can easily cover the distance up to 250 km with a full battery,  said an engineer of the manufacturer company of the electric Taxi.

The first environment-friendly taxi for northern areas of Pakistan was launched in line with Prime Minister Imran The joint venture aims to reduce the country’s carbon footprint which was a global collective objective along with the implementation of a strong de-carbonization action plan which would help preserve the natural environment of Northern areas — especially Gilgit Baltistan (GB). The company will also set up two charging units in Islamabad and Murree.

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