‘Charpai’ worth NZ$800 up for sale


An advertisement for the sale of a 100% Australian-made cot by the New Zealand-based home decor company Annabelle has got the attention of the people especially in South Asian countries as the company has set a reduced price of a product at NZ$800, which was originally priced at NZ$1200. The product is still available on Annabelle’s website for sale.

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In the advertisement, the company labeled the jute bed, as a “Vintage Indian daybed”, which is “100% Australian made”.

The details mentioned about the product on the website is not more than “original” and “one of a kind”, it has suppliers all over Asia, India and the Middle East. It is a traditional jute-woven bed commonly seen in the subcontinent and is commonly known as a ‘charpai’. It is not the first time that a charpai has been sold online. Earlier a similar advertisement selling a charpai had gone viral on social media.

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