Taliban resume Universities in Afghanistan


Universities in Afghanistan have resumed classes for the first time since the Taliban seized the country, and female students have been separated from their male classmates by curtains or boards down the middle of the classroom.

Avicenna University in Kabul has shared the Photographs which were widely circulated on social media clearly show that a grey curtain running down the centre of the classroom, with female students wearing long robes and head coverings but their faces visible.

According to the details, Afghanistan under the Taliban has reopened the Universities in Afghanistan big cities teachers and students have informed media that the Taliban have separated male and female students by curtains.

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Anjila, a 21-year-old student at Kabul University told Reuters that she found it strange when she saw her class room partitioned. Putting up curtains in class rooms is not acceptable. “I really felt terrible when I entered the class we are gradually going back to 20 years ago,” she added.

However, A senior Taliban official told Reuters that classroom dividers such as curtains were “completely acceptable”, and that given Afghanistan’s “limited resources and manpower” it was best to “have the same teacher teaching both sides of a class”.

A senior professor in journalism department at Herat University told Reuters that he had decided to split his one-hour class into two halves, first teaching females and then males.

Of 120 students enrolled for his course, less than a quarter showed up at school on Monday. A number of students and teachers have fled the country, and the fate of the country’s thriving private media sector has suddenly been thrown into doubt.

“Students were very nervous today,” he said. “I told them to just keep coming and keep studying and in the coming days the new government will set the rules.”

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