Mondelēz Pakistan steps up response to Covid-19, supports government’s vaccination initiative


In accordance with the health and safety guidelines, Mondelēz Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s leading confectionary companies, has announced the completion of its COVID-19 vaccination drive. As a result more than 70% of its workforce at the Hub plants has been fully vaccinated to tackle the pandemic. The vaccination camp was set up at the Confectionary Plant in HUB where employees voluntarily opted to get vaccinated. The camp facilitated employees from both Confectionary and Tang plants in collaboration with an NGO – Burhani Diagnostics.

The employees who have been vaccinated comprise of the management staff, core workers, drivers, security staff and even their vendors. The drive was carried out in compliance with the guidelines of the government over a three month period ensuring the vaccination of the employees. Another round of the camp is planned which aims to complete the vaccinations for the remaining employees.

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“Mondelēz Pakistan at its core is concerned about the health and safety of their employees and aims to take all necessary measures to ensure their wellbeing. We value each team member and the role they play towards successfully managing business in these testing times. I am proud to state that my team has been cooperative and cautious towards handling the COVID-19 situation and taken all precautions to reduce the impact. This successful vaccination drive is a testament to that and as a result more than 70% of our workforce is now fully vaccinated at the Hub plants. Taking the opportunity, I would especially like to appreciate the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination for availing the vaccines and the NGO – Burhani Diagnostics for extending their support to us for the seamless execution of the vaccination drive” stated Ms. Narmeen Khan, Managing Director Pakistan, Mondelēz International.

Apart from the vaccination drive, Mondelēz International has taken up a global awareness initiative for COVID-19 where several sessions have been conducted and core employees were encouraged through different meeting channels. Adding to the global aim of the organisation, a locally arranged COVID-19 awareness session was conducted for the employees where a renowned public health expert, Dr. Kamran Iqbal, elaborated on the entire pandemic situation, the necessary measures that must be taken, the vaccinations and how they offer protection and overall how it must be dealt with.

Dr. Kamran Iqbal, Public Health Expert & Bernard Lown Scholar at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health expressed “It was a pleasure to connect with team Mondelēz Pakistan to deliver the COVID-19 Awareness Session explaining the gravity of the situation on hand. The session turned out to be extremely valuable due to the cross communication and interest of the audience. I was delighted to see that the participants were curious, concerned and inquired about various aspects that could affect themselves and the people around them at workplace.”

Going one step forward, the vaccination camp has accommodated the families of the employees based at the HUB plant and extended transportation facilities to ensure the families are taken care of.

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