Dur e Fishan writes an emotional note as her TV serial ‘Pardes’ comes to an end


Dur e Fishan, a burgeoning actress, recently took to Instagram to share a meaningful message about her most recent production, “Pardes.”

Dur e Fishan shared a few behind-the-scenes images from the set, saying, “A picture that embodies Aiman.” Something that gives me a solid belief in Allah’s plan for you being the best plan for you.”

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The actress then went on to discuss her experience working on the production. “As the day draws to a close, a slew of emotions wash over me. My first day on set, and how anxious I was to be working with such a talented director and cast. I recall how tense I was walking to the same house where Dilruba was shot,” Dur e Fishan wrote.

She also praised her supporters and reassured them that it’s fine to not always be strong. 

Pardes: Viewers are Loving Dur-e-Fishan Saleem's Fiery Avatar! - TV - HIP

As the drama came to a close on September 13th, 2021, Dur e Fishan’s outstanding performance as Aiman left a lasting impression on viewers and created significant buzz on social media.

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