Punjab Agriculture Minister emphasizes modern agricultural technology use


Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi has directed to educate about the benefits of utilising contemporary technology and certified seeds to increase wheat production. While heading a meeting at the divisional and district levels to assess the strategy for the next wheat crop.

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At the time of wheat sowing, the minister directed that farmers be provided with high-quality agricultural inputs.

He also requested that the relevant officials meet with their high officials in the Irrigation Department to devise a strategy to ensure that canal water is available to farmers at the time of sowing.

The meeting was attended by provincial agriculture secretary Asad Rehman Gillani, South Punjab Agriculture Secretary Saqib Ali Ateel, Agriculture (Extension) Director-General Dr. Anjum Ali, Agriculture Pest Warning Director-General Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Agricultural Information Director Muhammad Rafiq Akhtar, Crop Reporting Director Abdul Qayyum, along with other senior officials.

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