Islamabad witnesses a rapid surge in dengue fever cases


The federal capital witnessed a rapid surge in dengue fever cases as the district reported 27 new cases on Thursday, Health official informed.  

According to Islamabad District Health Officer (DHO), Dr Zaeem Zia, with the addition of new 27 cases of dengue fever on Thursday the total number of patients suffering from the fever to 134 in Islamabad.

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Dr Zaeem Zia said that the recent increase in the cases resulted in the admission of more dengue fever patients in the hospitals. “As many as 82 individuals contracted dengue in the last four days,” said Dr Zia. The official has found the dengue larvae at 53 spots during the anti-dengue surveillance in the city, he added.

The DHO said that a total of 99 patients suffering from the disease are currently admitted to hospitals across the city and are undergoing treatment.

According to Dr Zia, the highest number of cases, i.e 55, was reported in Tarlai Kalan, which was followed by 17 in Koral, and nine each in Alipur and Tarnol.

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