Karachi students convert Mehran car into an electric vehicle


In order to promote electric vehicles in the country, a group of students in Karachi have converted an 800cc Mehran car into an electric vehicle, setting a new example for the automobile sector.

According to the details, Mubashir Hasan said that they have converted 800cc Mehran car into an electric vehicle. The converted vehicle can carry 4-5 passengers, Ahmed Zaheer another student stated.

They further said explained that the converted car travel at a maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour. The total cost on the conversion of Mehran car into an electric vehicle was Rs250, 000-300,000 while the vehicle will run for up to ten years without replacement.

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While talking about the project, their teacher, Abid Kareem said that the students had started work on the project about a year ago. The team bought a car and had to secure spare parts from across the world as they were not available in Pakistan, he added.

Ahmad further said that the students had completed the project within six months but it was delayed by two months due to their exams. The biggest obstacle faced was having the right battery as it has a maximum life of seven years and the latest technology is not available in the country. 

The car contains an electric motor, lithium-based battery and a display panel which provides information to the driver. They have installed a parking assistance system in the vehicle. There is also an attached charger. The vehicle takes five hours to completely charge and consumes electricity worth Rs100 only.

The students thanked their university for providing the opportunity to introduce the project. They expressed hope that Pakistan adopts the latest technology as fuel-based vehicles are getting obsolete around the world.

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