K-Electric Illegally Charge Consumers for Millions of Rupees

K-Electric illegally Charge
K-Electric illegally Charge

An investigation by the private TV Channel on K-Electric’s (KE) overbilling was proved absolutely correct as   K-Electric’s official has admitted that the electric supplier has overbilled its consumers. KE’s official has given this statement during the hearing of the case. The hearing was presided by Chairman NEPRA  Tauseef H. Farooqui.

Nepra vice-chairman inquired about the period that K-Electric had overbilled its customers, the K-Electric official replied, “Up to 34 days. ” The overbilled amount will be adjusted in the next month’s bill, said K-Electric’s Chief Financial Officer Muhammad Aamir Ghaziani. NEPRA Sindh member Rafique Ahmad Shaikh said the authority does not agree with the K-Electric’s official comments and that “consumers should not be treated unfairly.”

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Overbilling is a big issue, according to NEPRA Vice-Chairman Rafique Ahmed Shaikh, who also believes that electricity distribution companies’ metre readers are causing problems for consumers. He stated that NEPRA would give a detailed decision on the matter. He stated NEPRA would initiate an investigation into overall overbilling by each power distribution firm before adjourning the meeting.

Charging customers for more than 30 days is a complete violation of the terms and conditions of the tariff set by the NEPRA, the investigation further reveals.  

Thousands of customers using the facility have faced this overbilling from K-Electric as the residents of Korangi, Scheme 33, North Nazimabad, Defence, Gulshan and some other areas have received 32 days electricity bill.   

The billing period mentioned in Scheme 33 is June 12 and July 14, while Korangi residents received bills showing meter reading dates of June 03 and July 05. Similarly, electricity bills in North Nazimabad show a billing period between June 10 and July 12, suggesting that 32 days billing.

K-Electric has no prior approval from the regulatory for this 32 day billing period. However, additional 2 days bill will add hefty amounts to the customers’ utility bills and K-Electric will get millions of rupees illegally for the period under question.  

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