Cross-gender stalking will become a crime soon

Cross Gender stalking is a crime

The Pakistani law ministry has recommended amending the Pakistan Penal Code to make female stalking a crime. The Criminal Law Reforms draught has been submitted to the federal cabinet by the law ministry chaired by Farogh Naseem. The law ministry has also proposed a new Section 498D in the Pakistan Penal Code, which would make it illegal for a husband or relative to cause cruelty to a wife. “Term stalk or stalking denotes any guy who follows a woman and contacts or attempts to contact such lady to nurture personal relationship frequently, despite evident indications of the woman’s indifference, then he commits the offense of stalking,” according to the first proposed provision.

In addition, it is proposed in the complaint procedure that if a woman files a complaint with the officer in charge of a police station, the officer will issue a notice to the guy. Let’s say the man disobeys the cautionary order. According to the proposed Pakistan Penal Code section, he would be guilty of an infraction punishable by up to three months in prison and a fine of Rs 100,000.

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What’s more, the proposed sections specified that stalking should not be considered if the man pursuing the lady is attempting to prevent a crime and the man accused of stalking has been entrusted by the State with the obligation of crime prevention or detection.

What’s at stake: According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Pakistan is the sixth most dangerous country for women in the world. Between 2004 and 2016, 4734 women in Pakistan were victims of sexual violence, according to the non-governmental organization “White Ribbon.” According to a report by The News, the World Economic Forum has also indicated that 5000 Pakistani women are still assassinated in the name of honor every year.

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