May Mr. Imran Khan Emerge as PM Pakistan for good?


History highlights and openly speaks the role and worth of each and every politician very clearly. Those who played the pivotal role for the needy and the poor, are still alive in the hearts of the People of this homeland. These poor people are the real sources to extend the maximum time scale for the premiers.

This era direly needs for the statistical analyzing department to collect the data of those who are under the poverty line because such persons are looking forward to the hands of the PM because they cast their vote in the sense of availing opportunities, which were a dream for them from decades.

If such a community is obliged in all respect, then the real change to whom the PM promised will be proved fruitful. Price hiking of essential items/commodities has always been affecting the poor rarely to the rich one.

It is observed that, in a current position where the sound of the commodities scaling up is spreading there on another side, the line of enjoying the high prices hotels is increasing day by day, whether the rich one has also any problem?

It will be better to give certain incentives to the certain people on priority who have been facing a tremendous amount of hunger. Keeping in view the current updates of the poor people, the utility bills might be waived off prior to further other processes of using the money. Please! observe, which corners are the focal points for de-scaling the poverty? because poverty itself gives birth to numerous social problems everywhere in the world.

According to the sources, being an agricultural country, imports of essential items have crossed Rs. 10-billion while production of major crops is facing stagnation for the last two decades for which, the agricultural scientists and experts will have to formulate strategies as well as speculate comprehensive policy on agriculture. Poverty alleviation has been directly linked to the agriculture sector.  It is a fact, agriculture sector’s contribution to GDP grows by 6 percent every year, which would reduce poverty by 50 percent. Loans to small farmers, and ensuring agricultural inputs to the small farmers will help combat low productivity. It is now imperative to persuade the private sector to invest in agriculture.

It is urged for the extension workers to go to the villages and make every effort for the farmers to get aware of the agricultural recommendations and technologies.  More than half of the population of Pakistan is suffering from malnutrition.

Agriculture is confronted with the challenges like low productivity, climate change, post-harvest losses, rural development, water scarcity, and uncertified seeds, etc. An increase in productivity and value addition is essential to make agriculture attractive and profitable. More than 40 percent of crops are wasted in the post-harvest process. Pakistan is one of the countries which were suffering from water scarcity challenges.

A campaign should be launched to ensure the rational usage of water.  Chemically contaminated water of the industry has been polluting the groundwater, it needs immediate care.

House plan in Australia does not approve unless it was fitted with a rainwater storage tank.”Despite huge potential, we have limited our agriculture to only five crops. However, in order to make agriculture profitable, high-value crops should be promoted with due awareness and incentives. 

When climate changes start, it plays havoc with the agriculture sector, resulting in low productivity and breaking out of new diseases for which new varieties would have to be introduced. For example, District Okara has a good production of potato and the same model of other crops can be formulated in other districts to minimize imports of these agri products.

The goal of poverty alleviation could not be achieved without ensuring rural development.  The provision of the best seeds to the farmers would not only increase the productivity of the country but also make the farmers economically prosperous.

India and certain other countries are far ahead in the production of various agri products. Efforts should be made to curb the irrational use of water. There is a big difference between the agricultural productivity of the progressive and traditional farmer for which the journey of development can be ensured by equipping the traditional farmer with modern trends.

We have to work to increase the productivity of livestock instead of the number of animals so that the economic condition of the farmer can be improved. The majority of the population of Pakistan is engaged in agriculture on value addition in agriculture.  Certainly, the Punjab government is using all its resources to solve the problems of the farmers for agricultural development.  It is a need for time to evaluate the role of all agriculture universities in enhancing the agriculture phenomena in Pakistan.

If their role is not satisfactory, may be closed and a new system should be considered under the vision of PM, because of this agri. scholars have a specific responsibility. Same as it is a Hallmark step of the government in approving our industrial sector and the industrial revolution has started. The agricultural sector also needs a revolution. We can grow each and every essential, but the role of the experts in the agriculture universities is a question mark.

A comprehensive policy both for industrial and agriculture fields might be formulated to observe a changed Pakistan under the vision of the PM, Mr. Imran Khan. Each and every facility must be given on an ultimatum basis supervising with the eagle eyes.

PML, PPP, or any political party has the right to play the opposition role but it needs a positive reinforcement learning phenomena keeping behind all other personal links.

 Every opposition will have to extend the helping hand with the ongoing processes of the current government instead of waging a fight of zero turnouts.

Would that, the opposition and government were playing a comprehensive mutual interests role, certainly Pakistan could have a remarkable symbol in the world.

PML(N) will have to re-concentrate and evaluate over the chart of their own position where the smallest tehsils were allocated billion rupees, but when practically and physically observed, it becomes a sign of interrogation that where these billions of rupees disappeared? People have the right to criticize if they see some things wrong!

Where Mr. Zardari did works out of the people’s expectations, there he also boosted the salaries of the employees and benefited the oldest.

Every real politician has a mind, PM will have to extend hands to such real patriotic politicians whether they are in opposition to scale up the pace of the progress of Pakistan. Such a community of politicians can play a vital record role statistically. These matters need the key attention to accelerate Pakistan automatically.

When the PM succeeds to strengthen the foundations of the above circles,  surely Imran Khan will appear as the PM of Pakistan for good. ” The Virtue is its own reward”

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