Indus Motors Forges Ahead With Developing Future Leaders


Indus Motor Company (IMC) remained resolute in its pursuit to foster learning in the country as it recently sponsored the Markhor 2021, Youth Leadership Conference. This year’s conference was held in the picturesque Manoor Valley, snuggled 8,500 feet above sea level in Kaghan, KPK. IMC’s Head of CSR and Media Management, Asad A Abdullah, represented the company as guest speaker.
The Markhor, is Pakistan’s 1st wilderness-based program and the brain-child of Abdul Samad Khan, founder of Youth Impact, an award-winning not-for-profit organization. The five-day conference was held under the elaborate themes of #WorldofPossibilities and #ItsTheTime, which focused on how leadership and management methodologies were forced to evolve and adapt in the face of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brought on.

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This year, IMC under its flagship Toyota Goth Education Program, sponsored ten students, eight of whom were girls, who came from economically disadvantaged communities, residing in villages neighbouring IMC. Group diversity – Markhor’s unique stamp – was on full display, the 70+ young participants girls and boys, belonging to different regions, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. Two of these participants were awarded with the Markhor Icon certificates.
Expressing his views, IMCs Chief Executive, Ali Asghar Jamali, said: “I believe that education is the only game changer for Pakistan and leading the way will be theyoung people, promising to change the country’s landscape. The Markhor is an excellent platform for the youth to discover themselves and their social leadership potential, develop tolerance whilst also appreciating nature,in an off the beaten track location. Everyone deserves such opportunities.”
He added, “Clearly, there is a change in the mental attitudes in these economically disadvantaged communities IMC supports and, it’s wonderful to see it happening right before our eyes. The parents are more receptive to educating girls and allowing them to go on experiential learning trips is brilliant, which earlier was unheard of.The winds of change are definitely blowing in the right direction.”

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