OUP’s Grade 7 Social Studies book stock seize over Malala’s picture in list of important personalities


Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) have seized the stock of OUP’s  primary school textbook for printing the picture of Nobel laureate Malala Yousufzai among the military officer Maj Aziz Bhatti, who was a ‘Shaheed’  of  historic 1965 war with India, The list of important personalities, published on page 33 of the book that included Founder & First Governor General of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, poet Allama Iqbal, educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, first Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan and renowned social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi.

According to the ‘The News’, sources in the PCTB said the OUP, was served a notice by the Board in December 2020 and reminders in January and February 2021 to apply for a fresh NOC to align the book with Single National Curriculum (SNC) but to no avail. They said after the OUP management failed to apply for the NOC, the PCTB decided to take action and ordered seizure of the stock from the market.

Oxford University Press (OUP) in a statement  has said that the New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan (fourth edition) Primer B was a pre-primary, supplementary book, not designed for use as part of the Single National Curriculum (SNC). “We continue to work closely with all provincial textbook boards to obtain relevant No Objection Certificates for the materials we are publishing aligned with the Single National Curriculum for the next academic session,” reads a statement issued by the OUP.

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