PPDA to call for a nationwide strike on November 5


Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has called for a nationwide strike on November 5, against no increase in the dealers’ commission from last 3 years.

The PTI government did not increase the dealers’ commission in last three years. The government had promised to increase the commission, Petroleum Dealers Association said in a statement.

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If the government fails to fulfil their demands, all petroelum dealers will go on strike by refusing to sell petroleum products in the entire country. In this regard, petroelum dealers announced holding a news conference in Islamabad on 28th Oct.

Information secretary Noman Ali Butt said that country is passing through worst wave of inflation and in such circumstances, it is imposisible to carry on with the operations. He said Petrol Pumps will be closed on November 5 if commission does not increase:

Inflation and production costs make business impossible, says Noman Ali Butt, secretary information Petroleum Dealers Association

If no decision is taken regarding increase in commission, dealers will be forced to take drastic steps, he warned the government.

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