Pakistan records an 8.8% Covid-19 positivity rate after 3 months


Pakistan has reported 5029 cases in a day as the country is facing the 4th wave of the Covid-19.  The reported positive cases are the highest in numbers during the last 3 months.  With the positivity rate of 8.8% in the country, the total cases registered so far reached 1,034,837

62 deaths due to the deadly virus took the total death count to 23, 422 in Pakistan.

During the last 24 hours, 2772 positive cases registered in  Sindh with 30 fatalities, Punjab register 709 cases with 18 deaths. KP has recorded 591 positive cases with 6 deaths. 395 cases registered in Islamabad with 2 deaths. AJK 356 cases and 3 deaths. GB 60 cases, and 3 deaths, while 143 positive cases registered in Baluchistan with no death.

With the rise in the cases, hospitals especially in Sindh start flooded with Covid-19 patients. The patients also carrying the Indian Delta variant, with a very low oxygen level left in the body.

In his recent remarks, Asad Omer said. “The number of vaccination in the country is increasing with every passing day. So far, 30 million people have been administered the virus, which is a milestone.  “The first 10 million took 113 days. The second 28 days and the 3rd only 16 days. 9 lakh 34 thousand vaccinations yesterday. In last 6 days, vaccination has touched 5 million mark.” he said in a tweet.

Umar’s remarks came just a day after the Sindh govt imposed partial lockdown in the province. Federal Government and the NCOC were not taken in the confidence.

The federal minister quoted the English adage “don’t fix what ain’t broken,” adding that the system was successful and praised over the world so “we must move together like this.”

Door-to-door Covid-19 immunization campaign in KP from July 28

Decision bring Sindh and Center face-to-face

Soon after the decision of lockdown by Sindh’s government, a reaction from the federal government came. Fawad Chaudhry, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, said. “PM’s vision and policy on the lockdown and controlling the transmission is very clear. It will not allow the provincial government to impose a complete lockdown in the province.

Referring to Article 151 of the Constitution, Minister said. “Pakistan is a single market with the port of Karachi acting as the “jugular vein of its economy”. Any move that could affect the country’s economic lifeline could not be allowed.”

Responding to Minister’s words, PPP’s Chairman Bilawal Zardari said in a conference. “PM and his ministers who are criticizing the Sindh government’s move, will be responsible if the situation gets out of the hands and conditions like India takes place in Sindh and Pakistan.

However, the restrictions in the lockdown imposed earlier relaxed after the criticism of the decision.

The relaxed restrictions include a ban on pillion riding, allowing small transport to run within the limits of Karachi, and giving exemption from timing restrictions to certain businesses.

Even then, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail went on to say that the “Sindh government has created a curfew-like situation here”.

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