Pakistan’s GSP+ Status: EU mission lands in Pakistan to verify eligibility

Pakistan EU GSP+

A monitoring team from the European Union (EU) arrived in Pakistan today to verify Pakistan’s eligibility for the extension of its GSP+ status.

The mission would examine concerns including human rights, child labour, labour rights, and others, according to the ministry of trade. Pakistan’s GSP+ status will be renewed if the mission confirms that it has complied with all 27 treaties, according to the ministry.

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Officials claim that although Pakistan made every effort to meet all requirements for the GSP+ status, five additional conventions will still need to be met after the status has been renewed.

According to the Trade Ministry, the status renewal would lead to an increase in exports to the European Union.

It should be remembered that former governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar had been promised of the renewal of the GSP+ status by a panel consisting of four vice presidents of the EU and more than 30 members of the parliament.

The renewal would result in a benefit of more than Rs20 billion, according to Chaudhry Sarwar. He said, “The verdict would be in our favour.”

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