Pakistan makes $ 737.7m from transport services export in 11 months

Transport Services Export

In comparison to the same period last year, Pakistan made US $737.720 million by offering various transport services in various countries during the first eleven months of the fiscal year (2021-22).

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), this is an increase of 47.83 percent as compared to the US $ 499.020 million received through the provision of services during the comparable time of the previous fiscal year (2020-21).

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The exports of sea transport services increased by 65.87 percent during the study period, from US $ 70.290 million in the preceding year to US $ 116.590 million.

According to PBS statistics, exports of sea transport services increased by 25.47 percent from $38.400 million to $48.180 million this year, while exports of freight services increased by 114.52 percent from $31.890 million last year to $68.410 million.

Air transport service exports surged by 48.90% from US$403.350 million in 2017 to US$600.600 million between July and May of this year (2021-22).

When it comes to exports of air transportation services, those for passengers increased by 51.26 percent, from US$ 263.740 million to US$ 398.9400 million, while those for freight fell by 0.74 percent, from US$ 27.190 million to US$ 26.990 million. In addition, those for other air transport services increased by 55.37 percent, from US$ 112.420 million to US$ 174.670 million.

It also noted that exports of road transportation services fell by 19.10 percent during the study period, from US$16.390 million to US$13.260 million this year.

Data showed that during the fiscal year under review, exports of freight services decreased by 70.02 percent, from US $12.010 million to US $ 3.600 million, while exports of other road services increased by 120.55 percent, from $ 4.380 million to US $9.660 million. Additionally, exports of postal and courier services decreased by 19.13 percent, from US $8.990 million to US $7.270 million.

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