Global Documentary Week on Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage kicked off in Pakistan

Chinese Cultural Heritage

Since July 20, China Cultural Center in Pakistan has launched a month-long activities with the theme of “Grand Canal Overseas Tourism Promotion Season 2022” on official Facebook page, Wechat official account, channels and other social media platforms.

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The eight provinces (cities) along the Grand Canal, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang have all presented their cultural heritage sites, historical and cultural districts and colorful intangible cultures along the canal in this promotion season. Through video display and graphic introduction, we focus on the tourism and cultural resources along the Grand Canal and tell the story of the Grand Canal to Pakistani people.

The promotion season uses video documentaries as the carrier to record and display the Grand Canal Intangible Cultural Heritage, and presents the cultural memory and historical value it carries.
Global screening of the documentary films provided by the National Radio and Television Administration , not only conveyed the skillfulness and depth of the Intangible items by discovering the centuries-old shadow of Kangjian Guilin, silk rugs making techniques, paper-cutting art and other intangible cultural heritage items etc,. but also recorded the cultural tradition of people revering nature.

In today’s digitalization and rapidly changing science and technology, intangible cultural heritage plays an important role in enriching our emotional identity and embodying our way of life, and is the root of our culture and the soul of our nation, as well as an important marker for other peoples to know the Chinese nation.

The promotion season will last until August 20. Welcome to follow “China Cultural Center in Pakistan” on Facebook and Wechat official account Chinaculturalcenter and official Wechat Channels to enjoy the beauty of intangible cultural heritage by touring the thousand-year canal.

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