Transworld undersea cable fault disrupts internet service in Pakistan

Submarine Cable fault AAE!

Large number of internet users, primarily in Karachi, experienced outages as the submarine cable system SEAMEWE-5, which connects Singapore to France and Italy, was damaged.

Transworld Home, the company that operates the cable, said in a statement that the nationwide outage was caused by a “fibre cut in the terrestrial network.”

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According to a senior IT and telecommunications ministry official, the disruption occurred in the cable network of Transworld Associates, one of Pakistan’s three submarine cable operators.

The cable system, which was damaged near the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, caused problems in other countries as well.

According to a senior Transworld Associates official, the cable was mostly undersea, but a 480-kilometer stretch was on land in Egypt to avoid disruption caused by ship movements in the Suez Canal.

The official went on to say that repairing damage on land was easier than repairing it under water.

The South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 5 (SEAMEWE-5) submarine cable system, which was completed in 2016, runs nearly 20,000 kilometres from Marseille, France, to Singapore.

There are currently seven submarine internet cable systems connecting to Pakistan, four of which are operated by Pakistan Telecom­mu­nication Company Limited, two by Transworld Associates, and one recently installed by a Chinese company.

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